About Renata Gaia:


~ Educator in applied development and leadership techniques with training in Emotional Intelligence and Master in Pecc (Professional Executive Cooperation Council) / Pmcc (Professional Master Certification Corporation) / Pl and Pcc.


~ Facilitator in PSC / Professional Six Second and Disc / Hrtools.


~ International training in Sacred Geometry.


~ Authorized trainer by the Universidade da Consciencia - Buenos Aires, representative throughout Latin America.




~ Over 10 years of experience as an instructor of self-knowledge techniques, combining the science of Spiritual Anthropology, Quantum physics and Orthodoxy. The self-knowledge techniques are based in every individual, respecting its unique identity and bringing to the light step by step the true Self.


~ Organizer and trainer of group and individual classes in the private-owned space in Brazil called Light Gaia. The last 1,5 year more than 28 classes have been held, with 25 people each, a total of 700 participants.