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Emotional Intelligence Training

for Awakening of the Consciousness


with Renata Gaia

This training combines knowledge from Neuroscience and Ancient Societies, such as the Incas and Assyrians. Through the process, the individual learns his/hers practical ways to transform his/hers life and feel fulfilled.


The goal is to unravel the fears that, behind our attitudes, are leading to sufferings and losses that we can not avoid. When we begin to see what life really is about, then we can free ourselves from beliefs and patterns that rob us of our autonomy.


During the training you will learn a series of self-diagnosis techniques to help you perceive the Self, and thus see the way for real change when altering attitudes that did not manifest themselves, as they were hidden behind a character who acted through fear.


Innovative tools, blended with millennial knowledge, allow each individual to be the protagonist of one's life; as by knowing where certain personal behaviors come from, we begin to get out of the vicious circle of life, and we become free from blockages like anguish, depression, and anxiety, which often keep us trapped within ourselves.


The main proposal is that we can form for ourselves a personal manual of attitude, whose main focus is to give our best version. Thus, synchronicity will inevitably provide us with the rest.


The topics covered in the training, among others, are:


· The ten states of life, the path of the emotions (how we deceive ourselves?)

· Levels of consciousness / Types of consciousness

· Ego x Consciousness - self-diagnosis

· Collapse of the Ego

· Fears in the stages of life - Chakana

· The encounter of Self with self-diagnosis and a new path

· 10 Emotional Intelligence skills

· Training of 3 tools of Emotional Intelligence: Wheel of Emotions; Matrix of Loss and Gain; Trilogy


It is worth emphasizing that this course has as its main objective to lead the individual to see clearly its daily performance, and find the way to reach its best version; all though material provided in a clear and didactic way.

Reports and experiences ...




"A transmutation experience that brings tools for us to choose to be mindful of. In this way we have keys to know ourselves, connect with the whole and recognize that we are one magical journey." Auréliein this





 "The course made me a better person and one who knows how to choose conscientiously! In addition, he showed me how everything is simpler than we think, just use the conscience." Marcela






 "The course has brought me another vision of life and especially my inner workings. I am certainly one before and after this profound and transforming experience." Lee Miranda






 "My search was over when I took the course because I saw that no religion or study of Kabbalah would give me the answers I found there. And gratitude only increased." Maria Helena





"Not even if I wrote a book would it be enough to convey what Gaia Luz and Renata mean to me. Words like gratitude, unity, faith, integrity, surrender, trust, family, create, share, be better, conscience, live the present moment, among many others, have gained a new perspective and now govern my life.

 If today, I see and do everything I can to build a better world, it is largely the result of what I have learned in the last two years." Tayza Ortiz





"The course brought me the confidence in myself that I had lost. It helped me to realize that we first need to love ourselves and be grateful for all the experiences that life holds for us, for they serve to become conscious beings of our greater purpose and to align with our creative essence, acting with integrity, love and compassion with our friends on the journey. Forgiveness is the key that gives us access to the true journey of meeting with ourselves." Regina Soares





"An Awakening; looking at the present life with a new conscience." Marilourdes Campos do Amaral





"The course gave me back my lost consciousness in the midst of the stresses of life, made sure that I am not alone in the journey of personal, emotional and spiritual growth and brought me the humility to understand the stages of life, the difficulties of each one , who we are and, more importantly, what we can contribute to the change of ourselves, from the shadow to the light, respecting our essence, and of all around us. And finally, I had peace." Adriana Gil







"The Course provided me with fundamental teachings for my emotional growth. The way this knowledge was passed allowed me to experience a unique experience and an expanded, fraternal and careful view of what it is to be aware of itself." Maria Luíza de Almeida Campos




Upcoming courses:

  21 | 22 . 04 . 2018

Nice , France

  28 | 29 . 04 . 2018

Zurich, Switzerland

5 | 6 . 05 . 2018

Ansião, Portugal

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