Gaia de luz


Gaia de Luz

Gaia de Luz is a refuge; but this is not about escapism.

On the contrary, it is a reunion: a reunion with our true nature and, therefore, with the best of ourselves.

Having as a background the monumental beauty of the Three Peaks in Nova Friburgo in the state of Rio de Janeiro, under the wonderful mountain climate of the region, the visitor experiences for the first time to dealing with worldly affairs that has nothing to do with everyday practices, leaving far behind, in the lowlands and urban agglomerations, any spirit of competition, any remained pecuniary obsession...

Gaia de Luz does not produce bananas, diamonds or coffee; but offers the visitor the opportunity and the means to explore his inexhaustible interior treasures.


The specialised courses promote the expansion of consciousness and point new light on the pilgrim's horizon.


Alchemy occurs: the anthrax becomes gold!


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Some opinions about us

"I gained more self-knowledge and understanding!" Yaeli Nizri




"I was able to reach a better self-acceptance and self-improvement through self-inquiry." Ellen Theodoro




"I feel like being a better being and the privilege of being part of every second there in Gaia de Luz. You Renata, I can not get a summary of you, just gratitude, there is to be a being like you." Dedeka

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